4 Reasons You Might Need an Employment Lawyer in 2015

The traditional job market has been in a terrible state over the last few years. With record level of unemployment, it is no wonder that businesses have become a lot stricter with regards to who they offer work. For that reason, many workers are now having to go the extra mile for only minimum wage. They do this is keep their jobs as employers will simply sack them and find someone else if they don’t perform as expected.

Considering all that, we thought it best to release an article discussing employment lawyers. While everyone knows the advantages of hiring tax lawyers, most have little understanding of what their employment counterparts can do. In this post, you’re going to learn about the top four reasons you might need an employment lawyer in 2015. We’re going to look at things from both sides of the coin as it’s not only workers who can benefit from this professional help. Sometimes business owners need them too.

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1: Unfair Dismissal

As we just mentioned, many employers have tightened the reins on their workers over the last few years. While they might have given them a second chance in the past, they now sack them instantly and hire someone else from the employment line. However, they are not allowed to do that legally. So long as you have a permanent contract, your employer has to follow standard procedures. If they fail to do that, you have a case for unfair dismissal.

2: Contract Agreements

Top employment lawyers like Mark Reynolds spend a lot of their time helping business owners draw-up contracts for their workers. Likewise, they spend a significant amount of their working week dealing with employees who have been given unfair contracts. So, no matter which side of the coin you’re on, you could end up using the services for this in 2015.

3: Gross Negligence

Gross negligence is one of the only reasons an employer can sack a member of staff on the spot. However, this subject is somewhat of a minefield, and so professional help is always enlisted. Whether you’ve lost your job due to that or you’ve terminated an employee’s contract yourself, employment lawyers are essential. Gross negligence cases tend to get rather messy if they go to court.

4: Workplace Discrimination

No employer is allowed to discriminate against a worker due to something beyond their control. The most common discrimination cases involve age, sex, race and disabilities. That said, there are a million and one ways a business owner can land themselves in hot water over issues similar to this. Employment lawyers are always required to help deal with these instances.

You now know a little more about employment lawyers and some of the reasons you might need them in 2015. We hope you will be less hesitant about getting in touch with a local specialist after reading this post. If you have been treated unfairly by your employer, it is your right as a UK citizen to get justice. Likewise, business owners to not have to let their company go downhill due to one bad apple.