5 Personal Injury Myths Abolished

The media discourse over people who instruct a personal injury claim is, in some cases, incredibly scathing. With a raise in fake insurance claims, there has been an attempt to demonize those who are legitimately claiming compensation for something beyond their control. With this lamenting, some negative ideas have entered the public conscience and some are frankly wrong in every sense. Here, we will discuss five of these myths and explain why they are incorrect and wrong.

1. People Claiming are Only Interested in Money

The idea that people pursue a personal injury claim are doing so simply because they are greedy and only interested in the financial gain from the process is fundamentally incorrect. When pursuing a personal injury claim, they are seeking for the other party to accept responsibility for what happened and recompense the individual for what the defendant’s actions, or lack thereof, ended up causing. By claiming for personal injury, someone is aiming for justice to be served and any financial sufferings they have endured to be made right by the other party.

2. There is Some Fault on the Claimant

Another myth which has been perpetuated into the social thought process is that there is often some blame to be laid with the claimant. In cases such as personal injury in the workplace, the claim may be presented as one employee claiming due to the lack of attention of a colleague, when in fact the claim is against the corporation which may, for example, have not trained its staff properly. The fact that a claimant, if successful, gets an admittance of responsibility from the defendant should be absolute and no fault should be placed on the claimant.

3. Insurance Companies are Fair

When claiming for personal injury, the claimant is often claiming against the other party’s insurance policy whether it’s car insurance, public liability insurance or any other kind. Therefore the assumption made is often that the insurance companies are acting in the best interest of all parties and any offer they make will be fair and balanced. This is simply not the case. Insurance companies are private businesses whose task is to make money for shareholders and post profits every year, they are not public interest charities. This bias often makes their settlement offers lowballs or simply unfitting for the type of injury a claimant suffers.

4. Whiplash is Superficial

One of the most common misconceptions is that whiplash is an exaggerated injury and has no impact on people and is simply a way of topping up a claim. Surprisingly, this is not true. Whiplash can have a serious physical impact and make something as simple turning your head, picking up your child or sitting down difficult and painful.

5. Going to Court isn’t Worth the Trouble

The final myth is linked to the ideas about insurance companies. The fact that personal injury lawyers exist is proof that, in some cases, court action is necessary. If an insurance company does not treat you fairly, it is important to retain the services of a personal injury legal team to represent your interests in court.

With these myths now busted, it is important to consider your own view of these issues.