5 Tips to Prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Test

Canada is considered one of the top most developed countries in the world and gaining citizenship in Canada is indeed a prestigious affair and a great privilege. But, this privilege does not come easy.

Canadian citizenship test is an examination or screening procedure for the individuals aspiring to gain Canadian citizenship. It is indeed a tough test but not that tough that one cannot crack it. Following some simple and diligent tips can help one to clear the Canadian citizenship test with flying colors.

In this article, we will look into various tips that will help individuals to prepare for and clear the Canadian Citizenship test.


Tip #1: Know about the country: It is the first stepping stone towards the preparation for Canadian citizenship test. In order to prepare for the test, it is imperative to enrich your general knowledge with the finest political, economic and historical details of Canada as a country. Various study materials are available both in the form of book and online. Also, nowadays, audio version of the study materials for the Canadian Citizenship test is available which has been proved to be more effective than the hard copy version.

The official study guide “Discover Canada” is a great resource for the preparation for the Canadian citizenship test.

Tip #2: Networking: Yes, you heard it right! Networking and establishing contacts with individuals who has already cleared the Canadian Citizenship test is a great way to prepare yourself for the impending test. Sharing experience and tips with the already cleared candidates will make you feel a bit relaxed and a bit less anxious.

Tip #3: Seek professional help: This tip is mainly applicable for those candidates who have considerably less or limited timed time to prepare themselves for the Canadian Citizenship Test. There are various online training programs available who also offers practice test usually in a 20 minute format with around 30 multiple choice questions. This helps you to prepare yourself and equip yourself for the test in a very short/limited span of time. There is an official website serving this purpose and this online test site can help you out for preparing for the citizenship test in a short period of time.

Tip #4: It is very essential for you to be fully ready and decked up for the citizenship test on the day of the test. That means, all your documents should be perfectly in place and in proper order. You should be dressed properly for the event and you must be at the venue beforehand. Also, it is your responsibility to check every other specific details related to the citizenship test and make sure beforehand that you are in compliance with all the rules and regulations.

Tip #5: Command over language: The Canadian Citizenship Test is for the immigrants who seek to be become Canadian citizen and it is a must to pass the test for them to become one. Canada is an English speaking country and the citizenship test is also conducted in English, which makes it somewhat more difficult for people who are not from English speaking country or whose first language is not English. Hence, if you are from non-English speaking country, it is highly recommended that you increase your grasp and command over the language before taking your plunge with the Canadian Citizenship test.