A Step by Step Guide to Dealing with Trips and Falls

Nobody wants to think about what might happen if they become injured. However, it is vital that you understand the process you need to follow. That is especially the case if you have tripped or fallen in the premises of a private business. Those supermarket workers don’t always remember to erect a wet floor sign after there has been a spillage. It is possible that you could end up without any compensation at all if you don’t follow the right steps. With that in mind, it is now time to get started. Do your best to remember the advice on this page because it could serve you well in the future.


Write an Accident Report

All respectable businesses should have accident report forms to hand when something bad happens. You should ask for one the moment you find your feet. The report you write should contain information about what was happening before the incident, and how the injury occurred. Whatever you do, lying on that form could have a negative effect on your chances of getting compensation. So, you shouldn’t try to exaggerate any of the facts. Just make sure you don’t miss anything important out of your statement.

Find Witnesses

The chances are that other people will have seen the accident happen. So long as that is the case, you should ask them to write a report too. Their statements could help to convince a judge in court. At the very least, they will encourage the company concerned to offer a quick settlement. Again, you need to ensure that your witnesses only say things that are true. Lies always get exposed.

Visit the Hospital

Even if you don’t think you’ve broken any bones, it still makes sense to take a trip to the hospital. You need to undergo professional medical assessments to make sure you’re okay. Always ask for any reports that are written, and try to get copies of any x-rays. They will help your case if it ends up in court.

Contact an Expert

There are many injury lawyers who would be more than happy to work on your case. So long as you’ve followed the other steps in this article, their job should be pretty easy. We saw a recent case in the news where The Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm represented an individual who had been through a similar experience. They managed to obtain thousands of compensation in only a few months. That was mainly because enough evidence had been gathered. Once you have found a decent lawyer, everything should start to speed up a little.

Now you know how to deal with trips and falls, we hope you won’t make any mistakes if the worst happens to you. At the end of the day, the law says you are entitled to receive money if you suffer an injury that wasn’t your fault. So, don’t feel bad about making a claim. Indeed, it could be the best thing you ever do. That is especially true if you have to take time off work because of the incident.