Becoming a Family Law Lawyer

Do you want to become a family law attorney? Well family law lawyers or attorneys are extremely in demand and if you are really determined you can make a good career out of it. A family law lawyer is a person who specializes in matters related to the family. When it comes to matters like divorce or child custody no one can do without a family law lawyer. So, if you become a family law lawyer you will have to deal with the matters like marriage annulment, adoption prenuptial agreements and paternity agreements apart from divorce or child custody. You will also have to deal with issues related to lesbian and gay couples; you can help with their domestic partner registration and also cohabitation agreements matters.

To become a family law lawyer, you will first have to complete the undergraduate degree that spans for four years. Once the undergraduate degree is complete you will have to attend law school. You will need to study in the law school for three years. During the three years you will need to do coursework on every aspect of law. There are certain law schools that offer clinical experience as well. So, if you enroll in such a school you will be able to attend family law clinics. After completing law school, you will have to appear for the bar exam and clear it. If you want to specialize in family law you will first have to start out by assisting an established family law lawyer.