Divorce: Your Guide to Ending on Good Terms

Getting a divorce is a very hard time for everyone involved. Not only is it terrible for the couple who are divorcing, any family and children involved can be affected too. The best thing you can do when divorcing, is to try to end on good terms. While you may not be best friends, it will certainly help you to be civil. Let’s take a look at a few steps you can take to end this way:


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Try to Communicate

Communication is probably the reason you have both ended to begin with. Communicating with one another when you’ve decided to get divorced and keeping one another in the loop with what’s going on can be beneficial and help give closure. However, it isn’t wise to speak every day. This might confuse you both and bring up old feelings.

If you have children, then it’s even more important to communicate. Kids will sense tension easily, and it can affect them in ways you can’t imagine. You’ll need to talk to each other when it comes to deciding when to have the kids, education, and other important matters.

Don’t Talk Bad about Each Other

If either of you talk badly about the other one, you’ll only make this process harder on. You’ll find it difficult to sort out the issues surrounding the divorce. While it’s good to chat to friends and family to clear your head, you shouldn’t say mean things. Children especially will pick this up, and this can ruin their relationship with the other parent. It can also affect the way they look at relationships.

Go for Counselling

Counselling is a great way to express the way you’re both feeling without arguing or getting into a fight. A qualified counsellor will be the mediator and help you to resolve issues that you may have been holding on to for a while. Commercial mediation is a similar service. If you just can’t agree on anything and would like to understand one another better, then this is a great option for you both. You may even end up getting back together. If not, you’ll at least learn how to sort out your problems like grown ups.

Sort Out Your Assets

Sorting out your assets can be difficult to do. You’ll need to discuss who gets the house, the family pets, the car, and anything else you own. You will also have debts and bills that need to be paid. Hopefully this won’t need to be sorted out by an outside party, such as a divorce lawyer. Keep it between the two of you.

Never Put Your Kids in the Middle

Kids pick up things much quicker than you probably think they do. If you’re constantly arguing over who gets custody of the kids, they may start to believe that they are the reason for your divorce. You should never, ever expose your children to that and put them in the middle. If for nothing else, you’ll need to stay amicable for the children. Work out an arrangement you are both happy with.

Use these tips and you should both have a happy relationship apart.