Drunk Driving Attorney in Fresno Looks at Recent 55-years-to-life Sentence for DUI Crash

DUI accidents differ in severity and the charges a driver faces may also vary depending on the outcome of the accident, prior criminal history, the driver’s behavior while driving intoxicated, and other related factors.

Any DUI incident is serious, leading not only to potential death and injury on the road, but also to strong legal and administrative penalties. One recent California court case concerning a 2012 DUI arrest shows us an example of a very severe DUI incident.

On a November night in 2012, a woman drove her vehicle while intoxicated, hit a pedestrian, and then continued to drive with the victim trapped in her windshield. After a couple of miles had passed, other drivers managed to stop her from continuing further. Her victim died, but not immediately; in fact, there’s evidence that he might have lived had she stopped to summon medical help.


She wound up receiving a sentence of 55 years to life in prison. There are a number of factors contributing to this sentence, including the following:

  • She struck someone with her vehicle. This individual wound up dying.
  • She continued to drive and didn’t stop for help, effectively a hit-and-run.
  • Her blood alcohol content at the time was nearly twice the legal limit.
  • She had prior criminal convictions, including burglary. Her past criminal convictions made it possible to apply the ‘three strikes law’ to her, extending her prison sentence.

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Her case is a powerful example of just what can go wrong on the road during a DUI, and the kinds of legal penalties that people charged with a DUI might face under certain circumstances.

If you’re arrested after a DUI incident, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced drunk driving attorney in Fresno. You will need strong legal representation, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the DUI incident that led to your arrest. But what we now urge you to do is to use your best judgment on the road. Always try to consider the potential consequences of a DUI, including factors that might severely aggravate a DUI incident and lead to additional criminal charges.