Factors to Consider when Choosing Suitable Web Hosting for Law Firms

Hosting alaw firmwebsite has different requirements to other industries. Facts have to be presented correctly and required information must be made available as needed.

Let’s look at website hosting factors to consider for the legal industry.


Providing accurate, well-researched information whether on a public site or at a private member-only section for clients is important for lawyers and other professionals who work in the legal profession. One of the worst things that can happen is losing data, only to discover that the web host hadn’t performed successful backups of the data.

Firstly, it’s important to check what backup provisions a web host has for a hosting plan. Not every hosting plan includes regular backups. Sometimes, their backups are run too infrequently or they’re just incremental ones that add to previous backups and aren’t full backups at all.

Secondly, it’s a good idea when running a legal site on the WordPress content management system to use a WordPress plugin to complete your own backups. Relying on the web host alone for the survival of your site isn’t the best move. Backups run with a click of a button or automatically once setup and compressed archive files are sent to a cloud storage service of your choosing.

Verify What Pages/Posts Are Live & Which Are Not

It’s an easy mistake to make where you publish a post or a page and then forget it’s still live. Information might have only been suitable for publication for a limited period of time and then the page or post should have been taken offline. Sometimes, people will just forget what pages are live on the internet.

Do an audit of what content is live on the site by running an automated tool to create a sitemap on the website that shows all live pages and posts. Google can navigate around the site successfully using its GoogleBot and you can root out content that you didn’t know was still online and remove it where necessary.

Hosting Plans for Legal Teams

What every legal firm requires is a site that won’t go down. There will be a significant reputational loss involved when a site is offline for very long. People begin to wonder if the law firm has closed and they’re likely to light up the switchboard all day to check if the office is still open.

Having reliable hosting with close to 100% uptime is very important. If the hosting provider has a history of long downtime periods due to problems that they didn’t anticipate, this a red flag. The most suitable hosting plan is probably a cloud hosting one because multiple servers are used to provide site access. A content delivery network is also a good idea to enable access to the site using the last recorded static version of every page on the site, even when the hosting is down. To find the best cloud web host, look at some comparative reviews on hostingkingdom.com.

The web hosting requirements for a law firm are a little different to other industries. The uptime requirements and clarity about what information is live and which is not matters more than other types of businesses. Make sure to choose a suitable web host that provides for these requirements.