Five Ways to Get an Immigration Visa

The American economic recovery is gathering pace, and in a large part that’s thanks to immigrants who are coming into the country, whether as workers, investors, or students. The United States is a country whose foundations were built upon a culture of immigration, yet to gain an immigration visa today can seem complex and confusing to the layperson. That’s why you need an immigration lawyer in LA, such as Nelson & Associates. They help people from across the globe gain visas in five key areas, as well as helping clients through the naturalization and citizenship process.

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Investment Visas

Investment is vital for the continued growth of the United States, and the federal government recognizes this. Investors who are bringing at least a million dollars into the country, and safeguarding or creating at least ten jobs for US citizens, can apply for an EB5 visa that allows them permanent residency for a period of two years. Investors who invest in areas of high need, such as rural areas and areas with high unemployment levels, may be able to obtain an investment visa for investments of $500,000 or more. Your immigration lawyer can help you make the USA your home and the base for your business.

International Student Visas

The United States has some of the most prestigious universities in the world. In fact, there were six US Universities in the latest QS World University rankings, with the MIT taking top spot again. This makes the United States a prime location for international students, but recent changes to the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System have made it increasingly complex to gain a visa. Specialist lawyers can take the stress out of the application system, and help students from across the world gain the visa that they need.

Marriage/Spouse Immigrant Visas

Being apart from your spouse can be difficult for anyone, but it’s a situation that many people are facing. Whether you’re a US citizen or green card holder looking to bring your spouse to live with you in the United States, or the spouse of a US citizen or green card holder looking to join them, it’s essential to get the expert advice and help that lets people apply successfully for both IR and F2 visas, reuniting married couples.

Fiancé and Spouse Temporary Visas

If you’re a US citizen planning to marry a person from abroad, it is essential that you keep their immigration record flawless if you’re to make a successful application for a spouse immigrant visa at a later date. When you contact your immigration lawyer, they’ll talk you through the process and advise you on how to make an application for a temporary visa, and treat you with both understanding and compassion.

Employment Based Immigration Visas

The United States is a great place to work, opening up the American dream for immigrants from all continents. In order to get an employment based visa you must first have a firm offer of a job. Once you have the offer, immigration lawyers can take you through the visa application process. There are many visas available depending upon how long you intend to stay in the country for, and what kind of job you are going to be doing. Expert lawyers can make it as smooth and simple as possible. Whether you’re applying for an employment based visa, an investment visa, a student visa, or a visa as a spouse or fiancé, it makes sense to call an immigration lawyer for help.