Gift Ideas Who Just Helped You Out Of a Legal Jam

Lets face it; being in a legal bind is an unavoidable situation sometimes. Whether you had to deal with a criminal complaint or a civil dispute coming out on the other side is a huge deal for someone who has spent months stressing over a case. This can leave people feeling indebted to their legal representation. How do you say thank you to someone who altered the course of your life in a positive way? Thankfully, this helpful guide can give you some great ideas to show your gratitude to your attorney.

  • A Gift Card That You Know They Will Use
    • Everyone likes a gift card to a place they know they will use. Find out from his secretary what his favorite restaurant is and treat him to a fantastic dinner on you. If he is a fan of theme parks a day on the coasters at your expense can be a great way to say thank you. Even something as simple as a gift card from the Groupon Coupons page for Walgreens can be a great way to show your gratitude to the man who just saved you a heap of trouble.
  • A funny legal gag gift
    • There are plenty of humorous gifts available online that are sure to incite a chuckle from your lawyer.
      • The billable hour brass clock is a funny little desk clock that displays how much time has passed in billable hours for his clients. He is sure to get a good laugh from that.
      • If the clock is a no go consider a doormat that says “Come back with a warrant”. Cops and lawyers alike will get a chuckle from that.
      • If he is a fan of tv shows you may consider purchasing your attorney a copy of “Better Call Saul” on dvd. This tv show follows the hijinks and mishappenings of a bumbling crooked lawyer in New Mexico. Anyone who works in the legal field should get a chuckle out of one of these humorous gift from you.

While it can seem strange to give your attorney a gift, if they truly have helped you out of a troublesome situation, a gift is a great way to ensure they’ll be there for you again in the future.