How to Choose the Right Lawyer for You

Law is incredibly varied and complicated, so you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that you can’t use general criteria to choose the right attorney. But that isn’t the case. Yes, with certain lawyers and certain scenarios you do need to ask supplementary questions with regards to their specialist area. However, there are five general factors that you can consider that will form the basis for hiring the perfect attorney.


Here are a few things we think you need to focus on before you make your final decision.

#1 The Price

Money isn’t everything unless you are talking about the law. The generic rule with lawyers is that the best of the best work for the most reputable law firms. As a result, they charge a ridiculous amount of money for their services and you have to pay that price. If you don’t, the chances are you won’t hire a lawyer who can get you out of a tricky situation. You don’t have to pay a premium, but you should pay a heavy price. Price is a sign of quality, so don’t skimp out.

#2 Their Experience

Law is all about practise, and practise makes perfect. You can study all the books in the world and prepare as much as you want, but there are some things that studying cannot prepare you for. The only way to learn these intricacies of law is to experience them first hand in the courtroom. It might be how they address the judge or how they interview a witness; it might even be a situation that has popped up once that they can refer to. Whatever it is, without the experience top quality lawyers are hard to find, no matter what part of the law in which they specialise.

#3 Their Qualifications

Even though experience is key, you shouldn’t look past their qualifications. Yes experience is essential, but lawyers need to be holistic and well-rounded. Qualifications are a lot like the cost; only the best lawyers have the best qualifications and are hired by the best law firms. As a result, they are the best.

Look into their previous academic achievements and where they graduated. These are good indicators of how well they will transition into the world of law and the industry.

#4 Their Availability

It doesn’t matter how good they are if you can’t get them to defend you as and when you need them. Problems arise out of nowhere, so a good lawyer should only be a phone call away from putting out the fire. That is also why you should take geography into account. It isn’t just about how busy they are, but also how close they are proximity wise.

#5 Your Comfort

You are going through a situation that requires a person who is able to put you at ease. Potentially, your life could be in the balance of the lawyer who is at your side, so you should always feel comfortable with your choice. There has to be an element of trust and reliability, so look for a lawyer who you show signs of clicking with.

These tips are not exhaustive, but they are a great place to start with any type of lawyer.