How to Find a Solicitor You Can Trust

Finding a trustworthy solicitor can be difficult, but it must be done if you want a successful case. A great relationship between a client and a solicitor is the key to winning and serving justice, so you need to take your time. Let’s take a look at the steps you should take to find a solicitor you can trust:


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Read Reviews

There are sure to be some reviews out there online. Look on forums, and see if there are any social media groups where people in your town contribute. You’re sure to find out valuable information about your options. You can then go ahead and make a shortlist of the companies that appeal to you.

Ask for Recommendations

By asking for recommendation from people you trust, you should get an in depth view of some of the solicitors in your area. You may also want to ask for recommendations via a direct message on social media. You can then speak to people who you wouldn’t normally get the chance to ask. People can be extremely helpful if you ask them to be!

Go for a Consultation

Once you have a shortlist of solicitors that have been recommended to you, Poole Solicitors suggest you make an appointment for a consultation. In this consultation you can discuss your case and what the solicitors think they can do for you. They should be honest about your case and not fill you with false hope or lie to you. You should be made aware of all possible outcomes and which are the most likely. There should be no smoke and mirrors. Ask any questions you can think of, such as:

  • What can you do for me?
  • What do you think my chances are?
  • What methods do you use?

Consider the Cost

You will also get given a price during your consultation. Although you can’t put a price on a good solicitor, you should know whether you are being fleeced out of your money or not. Your solicitor should be within your budget, but don’t just go for the cheapest one.

Take Somebody with You

If you can take somebody with you who knows their stuff, then do so. They may be able to give you their opinion. This should be somebody you trust.

Go With Your Gut

Above all else, you’ll want to go with your gut instinct. Although it’s usually just a feeling we get, it can be right a lot of the time. Think about it: how many times has something happened and you’ve thought, ‘I wish I’d have gone with my instincts!’ ? It happens quite a lot. People who are in tune with their instincts make the best decisions. If something doesn’t feel right, even if you can’t explain it, go with your gut.

This post will explain more about how you can use a solicitor effectively. I hope you found this post useful and wish you all the luck in the world with your case. If you have any more tips on choosing a trustworthy solicitor, leave a comment!