How to Prevent a Workplace Related Accident

Having an accident in the workplace can be a nightmare scenario, not just for you, but for your staff members too.

When you find yourself in a situation like this, it can be hard to know the best first steps to take in order to ensure minimum pain, stress and embarrassment for all involved.

Read our handy checklist for the top ways in which you could potentially protect yourself from and handle any workplace related accident.

1. Accident in the Workplace Prevention – The Basics

First we should probably look at ways in which you can reduce the risk of having an accident in your workplace. These should be considered when starting the early stages of any workplace safety plans. If you are unsure of your legal rights, you could research websites such as who may have lawyers to cover legalities.

2. Creating Awareness – The Importance of Educating your Staff

Educating staff on how to keep themselves safe is now a key part of running your business. You would not believe how many people are injured at work these days. Keep your risks as low as possible.

Walk through your building from top to bottom with a checklist and take note of every safety measure that you would have to be aware of as an employee. Putting yourself in their shoes may be a great place to start.

Consider possible areas where there may be danger and then take them to your legal team and building maintenance team to work out the logistics of each potential problem.

Once you have identified all of the potential risks in the workplace, you can communicate these to your staff. Include clear instructions and communication points You may also like to hold a presentation or safety course for your staff.

Ensure that your staff are given proper safety documentation and outlines of risks that they may face. Outline ways in which to reduce risks and any preventative measures that should be taken by your staff.


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3. Maintenance and Upkeep – Keep your Work Premises Safe and Reduce Risk

Regular checks and upkeep to your business and premises are 100% necessary. Keep your staff safe at all times by checking heating systems, boilers and any equipment that may produce hazardous fumes. Where necessary you should provide staff with proper uniform and safety essentials such as hard hats and high vis jackets if required.

4. Response Times – How to Handle an Accident

If an accident does happen, you need to be prepared. Ensure that you know the correct procedures to follow and the steps you should be taking.

Response time and fast thinking are vital in any workplace related accidents. Put a procedure for this in place, just in case the worst does happen. You must also make sure your business has all of the legal support it needs to cover you. Finding good legal representation can be a daunting task but there are many companies out there who cover everything required.