I was Involved in a Car Crash. Do I Need a Lawyer?

Being involved in a car accident is one of the most traumatising experiences in life. Shock takes over and you stop thinking clearly. The entire situation becomes cloudy. It’s not uncommon for car crash victims to look back and not recall a single thing. Even the most minor bump can send your brain into confusion. After the shock has died down, you’re slowly left with the aftermath of the collision. There may be police testimonies to make. There may be court dates and personal injury claims.

It all begs the question: do I need a lawyer? In most minor cases, car crash altercations can be settled individually. Fault will be obvious and accepted up front. Insurance should cover the cost of damage and any small injuries. However, sometimes it is not that simple. If the conversations start getting out of control, it’s time to call a lawyer. If there is an argument over blame. If there is long term injury and alteration to lifestyle or if you’re going to court, you need a lawyer.


Is there an argument over fault?

In most cases, fault is easily attributed in car collisions. One driver will usually accept blame. Witnesses and other drivers can testify this and move on. The insurance of the one to blame will typically cover any immediate damage. However, if no-one will accept blame, then you’ve got trouble. Blame is necessary to determine which insurance company will pay out. It decides whether there will be any personal injury claims. It determines who bears the burden of cost. If no-one takes the blame, it must be ruled by a court. Only a lawyer can help you build your case if you truly believe you are innocent.

Have you incurred huge costs?

In the aftermath of a car crash, there can be heavy bills to pay. They will include health bills, car repairs and any loss of income. If the initial insurance won’t cover it, it might be worth considering hiring a lawyer. They will help you collect the money that you are owed. They know the ins and outs and will help you build a case. Sometimes all it takes is hiring the lawyer to scare the insurance companies into upping the payout. Remember to assess whether the cost of the lawyer is worth the missing money you are owed.

Is there long term damage or injury?

When it comes to long term damage, you must consult a lawyer. In the case of long term injury, it will alter your entire lifestyle. You’ll suffer loss of earnings way into the future. You may need to pay for ongoing care and health professionals. There may be adaptations to make in your home and the loss of earnings from any family members who help you. In this case, you need extensive financial help. A lawyer will help you secure this and protect your future. Contact a law firm in Gibraltar or your closest area for assistance here.

In general, if the car crash has lead to a court case, you should consider hiring a lawyer. It’s always worth turning to one for guidance. In many cases they will offer free legal advice. Ask your solicitor for more information.