Processing Your Divorce Papers

A divorce can sometimes cause emotional and financial difficulties to a couple. However, if you think your spouse is no longer capable to do his or her marital responsibilities, you have to make a crucial decision whether to go on or let go of your marriage. Divorce involves a legal process that you need to follow to keep your children and property safe.


The Divorce Process

The divorce process starts with a petition. As the complainant you will write the petition. This will be filed in the state where your spouse resides. The petition should include all the details of the marriage as well as the children and properties.

If your spouse is hard to locate or resistant about the petition, you need to go on the process called service of process and hire a professional server. However, if you both agree with the decision to end the marriage, you just let your spouse sign the acknowledgement of the receipt of the petition.

Legal Requirements Necessary in a Divorce

The law of a divorce process in every state may vary but mostly a case like this is filed and decided in the court of justice. All states including the state of Virginia have their own no fault dissolution. This means that they are not particular as to which spouse is guilty of marital misconduct but they legal requirements.

  • The residency requirement – The spouse filing the petition should show proof of residency for a certain period of time in the state where the complaint is filed. The most common residency requirement in most state is six months.
  • The Waiting Period – In every state, the dissolution must have a waiting period of 0-12 months. This means that you cannot file and finalize it at the same day. You have to wait for a particular period before you can be free to remarry.
  • The Legal Grounds of the Petition – There are two main grounds of dissolution which are recognized by many states; separation and irreconcilable differences.
  • The Jurisdictional requirement – If you are living in the state of Virginia, you must file it in your state court. Your Virginia divorce process, just like other states should be done in the right court where you and your spouse have lived for 3-6 months before you decide to end the marriage.

Not every couple has the same grounds of dissolution, so some of the process may not run smoothly. If you need information about getting free forms and advice so that you can solve your case quickly search information online.