Six Signs You Shouldn’t Hire a Particular Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’re in need of a personal injury lawyer, you want someone who’s not only an effective legal advocate, but also an individual who can work well with you.

The following are six signs that you shouldn’t hire a particular personal injury lawyer, or that you should switch to a new one:

    • Poor communication skills: The attorney doesn’t answer your questions or explain things well.
    • Unrealistic promises: The attorney promises you things that they can’t guarantee or that aren’t realistic in your situation.
    • Lack of personal attention: If a lawyer isn’t returning your calls promptly, or if they keep directing you towards other people on their staff and don’t really spend much time talking to you themselves, this isn’t a good sign.


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  • Hidden fees: An attorney should be forthright from the beginning about how much their services cost. They should not start springing additional fees on you. You also need to have a retainer agreement with them from the start.
  • Poor reputation: What do other people say about this attorney? Have they received complaints before? If so, what is the nature of these complaints? Has the attorney been charged or found guilty of any kind of wrongdoing? What’s their record for various legal disputes in their area of practice?
  • Lack of personal concern: Some attorneys push for settlements that are too small or show in other ways that they aren’t concerned with the personal outcome of your case. You may also want to switch attorneys if their personality rubs you the wrong way. Remember that with a personal injury suit you’ll likely have to discuss some sensitive details with an attorney. You need to have some level of personal comfort with them.

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Don’t hesitate to contact an attorney who will really be a trusted legal advocate during a difficult time for you. You deserve high-quality legal representation from an attorney you feel comfortable working with.