Some Useful Tips on What to Expect from Your Lawyer

The terrain of perceptions is challenging to manage within the legal sector. The conventional example is the client who has the impression of having a good lawyer even after losing his case and the client who, although his lawyer has won the process, considers that he is not in good hands and that when he can, he will change to another. For the level of anguish and insecurity of the client, not knowing when they meet their deadlines, lack of accessibility or information from their lawyers, which has made him worry beyond what is necessary, lack of understanding of what was happening in this process.

The quality of service goes beyond technical quality

The quality of service provided by lawyers includes how all the contact persons in the process of creating the service create positive perceptions and comply with their part of efficiency and quality. Today is the margin of positioning and differentiation of firms. It is highly valued by the clients the accessibility of the lawyers, the waiting time listening to a music to access the desired person, speed, how to understand a minute, the detailed details.

We Could Also Enter the World of Certifications

How can an ISO certification be adjusted to a law firm? My opinion is that this type of certification is a tool for improvement in the processes themselves and that requires meeting specific requirements always in the same way in those processes that can be standardized. It is difficult to standardize in an office, and I believe that certification provides a methodology.

Clients understand that for a particular type and range of lawyers, the technical service (legal knowledge) is similar, but the way to understand their business, to adapt to their approximation needs and the lawyers profile presented by each firm is what that represents a competitive advantage.

What is certain is that any quality system goes by measuring the level of customer satisfaction, and the only way to measure it is by asking customers. I believe that the clients are the most exciting source of points of the improvement. But, asking the clients themselves, demands to be brave to listen and be willing to improve. There are already offices that have launched quality programs. Some have done it in a personalized way, through interviews, in which the invoicing partner should not be present, and sometimes, that is the problem, that in this type of discussions should not be present who works for that client.

The way to obtain the information should never be a source of conflict between the partners. Other offices attach a small questionnaire with the minutes, to be completed by the contact person. There may be very different ways but getting that information from existing customers is the best way to implement an improved system. A meal or coffee would be enough to talk about points of improvement, which is not the same as fees that would deviate a lot the subject in question. A reclaimed claim is a loyalty action, a request not attended or unknown represents in many cases the loss of the client.