The 4 Most Common Types of Car Accident and How to Avoid Them

When you first learn to drive a car, you’re a little anxious about how to control the vehicle, and you worry about making mistakes. As you become a more confident driver, your anxiety diminishes, and you may start to do things that you shouldn’t do while driving. Although accidents can be caused by many things, there is a pattern for the most common types of collision. So, how do you try to prevent those accidents from occurring in the first place?

Low-Speed Impact

These types of collision are most common in areas where you’re traveling under ten miles per hour. They typically happen in parking lots or shopping center car parks, usually reversing out of a parking space. Although they may only cause a slight dent, they can still cause injury to the driver and passenger. To try and avoid these types of collision, you can reverse into the bay when you arrive, and that will give you a clear view when driving out. Also, whether you’re driving a new car or a slightly older car,make sure you know the blind spots.

Frontal Impact

Frontal impacts can cause injuries to your legs, spine, neck, and arms. The driver normally sees these types of the accident so that they will brace for the impact. Most collisions of this type are with trees, fences, other cars and obstacles on the road. It’s important that you’re always aware of what is in front of you, and that you drive according to the conditions. Slowdown in bad weather and don’t be distracted by mobile phones or passengers.

Rear Impact

Impacts to the rear of a car are almost always caused by the driver of the vehicle behind. They can occur at high or slow speeds and are typically the result of a distracted driver running into the back of a vehicle. It can be difficult to avoid such collisions if you’re driving the car in front but, by keeping an eye on the vehicles behind you, there is a possibility that you can take evasive action. If you have to replace your car after an accident, look for one you will be confident driving, like a safe used Toyota Corolla, a car renowned for its handling.

Side Impact Collison

Being hit from the side is a potentially more dangerous accident because there is less protection for the driver. Modern cars are fitted with side impact bars and side airbags to help lessen the impact and protect the driver and passengers. These types of collision are common when trying to pull out at a busy junction, especially if the view is impaired by other cars or a bend in the road. Maintaining good observation and ensuring the road is clear before pulling out are the best ways to prevent such accidents.

Being involved in an accident isn’t always the fault of the driver, though if you maintain your alertness and don’t become distracted by other things, you should be able to avoid many such collisions. If you’re involved in an accident, it’s vital that you get help and collect as many details about what happened as possible.