The Benefits Lobbying Can Have for Organisations

Lobbying has a bad reputation but is it all bad? There are benefits of it for the organisations that use the services of lobbyists though. Here are some of the biggest.

Small Causes Can Gain a Voice

Lobbying isn’t all negative. Positive and progressive causes take advantage of lobbyists too. For example, if there are groups that want to limit the amount of CO2 the country burns, they have to put pressure on governments to get greener. There’s also the entire charity and non-profit sector that argue for better conditions and tax laws for non-profit organisations. These charities are then better able to help people in need.

It’s unfortunate, but if the lobbying industry didn’t exist, some of these smaller voices might not get any say in the way the country is run. And that would be a negative thing for all the people and causes that are represented by non-profit and progressive organisations. That would be a travesty for everyone in the long-term. They need a voice as much as the big companies with big budgets do.

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It Broadens the Discussion

Governments are full people talking about a lot of things. And, as a result, they tend to get caught in a bubble when they don’t listen to the thoughts and needs of ordinary people and small business owners. By hiring a lobbyist, you can make sure that the things you want to be part of the discussion make it onto the agenda. There really is no other way of doing this, unfortunately.

It’d be much better if there were another way of making sure that everyone’s voice got heard in the corridors of power. But until things change dramatically, there doesn’t seem to be much chance of that. So, for the time being, a lot of businesses choose to ignore some of the bad things about lobbying and view them as a way of broadening the discussion. It’s not ideal, but it does do some good.

Your Interests Get Greater Representation

The reason why companies are so prepared to hand over a lot of cash to lobbying organisations and legal firms is that they get to have their interests represented. Wherever there are decisions being made, there are lobbyists making sure that their clients thoughts and concerns are being put forward. Some say this is a bad thing, but it is a good thing from the perspective of the clients.

That means, if you think the laws around taxation or public expenditure should be changed, you can hire a lobbyist to pressure on the government to do this. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get what you want. You could throw a lot of money at the situation and get nowhere with what you want. But that’s a risk you have to be willing to take if you want to see the benefits of lobbying.

Lobbying has a lot of benefits for organisations, but whether it should be allowed to happen remains a contentious issue.