The Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycle accidents do not occur with the same frequency as other accidents because of a small number of motorcycles that are on the road. One problem with motorcycle accidents though, is that they are always at the sharp end of the stick and motorcycle accidents carry a much greater risk of suffering a fatal injury.

This means that there are more requirements for going through the insurance procedure and therefore there is always a need to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer if you are involved in an accident. Here, we describe some common situations which contribute to serious motorcycle accidents.

Accidents on Turns

Motorcyclists are often involved in accidents that occur when cars, especially turn on the left side. Car drivers are not able to notice that there is a motorcycle moving on the left-most lane and it usually happens on curves and intersections.

The motorcyclist is usually going straight in this case and the car hits it from the side. Most times, it is due to the fault of a car driver and there may be a need for hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer in order to ensure that the rider is able to get the right insurance claim for the accident.

Accidents due to a Heads on Collision

The most dangerous and fatal motorcycle accidents occur due to fatal heads on collisions with cars. It is difficult to find out who is at fault for such accidents because they are very serious and should not occur on the road. A trained motorcycle accident lawyer is equipped to handle the situation present in such accidents and ensure that the relevant insurance company does not use an established bias to rob a bike rider from obtaining fair compensation.

Lane Splitting Accidents

Motorcycles are usually smaller than cars and bike riders can often start to split lanes if there is a lot of traffic. A car driver who then is changing a lane in a high traffic situation does not keep in mind that a bike rider may by splitting lanes which can cause an accident.

The blame for such accidents is different in different cases. Some states allow for lane splitting maneuvers while some states do not allow it. A motorcycle accident lawyer can ensure in such a case that the legal rights of the bike rider are safe in the case of such an accident and the blame is put in a rightful manner for the accident.