Useful Tips to Save Money on Conveyancing and Solicitors

Conveyancing involves all the administrative and legal work for transfer of ownership of any realty. Its importance makes it one of the essential stages of any real estate transaction which should be faultless and flawless. The main target of conveyancers is to complete legal transaction with fineness by being enthusiastic towards to the services. The cost of conveyancing depends upon various factors like:

  • Sale price of the home
  • Type of the property
  • If the property is leasehold or freehold
  • If the property is registered or not
  • If the purchase or sale is under ‘shared ownership’ or under ‘right to buy’ scheme
  • If the buyer or seller have mortgage

The average cost of conveyancing for sellers is £500 to £600 but whereas for buyers the price ranges from £1100 – £1200 depending upon the above factors. Conveyancing charges are less for freehold property when compared to leasehold property.

Applying some simple tips presented here can help in saving money through the conveyancing process.


Broaden the Search

Instead of sticking with searching for conveyancers available in your locality, broaden up the search to wider prospects which can lead to cheaper conveyancing fees. Before deciding or hiring a conveyancer, get hands on several estimates to have better and cheaper options for quality conveyancing.

Search for ‘no fees’ Guarantee Conveyancers

Try searching conveyancers who follow the principle of charging no fees when there is no sale. It is estimated that Britons spend an average of £95m on incomplete transactions. A buyer or seller can always be on safe side using services of a conveyancer who guarantees no charges for no sale or purchase of the property.

Opt for Online Conveyancing

Online conveyancing is convenient and obligation free service is provided in most secure form. The search for conveyancer is made easy is by such conveyancing websites which also help incomparingthe pricing of various conveyancing companies to choose a better option. Online conveyancing has cost-cutting ability as it involves working only through telephone, online, emails, and post. This also helps in saving time of the concerned. Online conveyancing sites like provide licensed conveyancers listed under Solicitors Regulation Authority and are insured to save the buyer or seller against any mistake that creates financial penalties.

Do it Yourself

Preferably this specialized task is left to the professionals but if one surely wants to save money and is capable of learning fast, he can do the conveyancing on his own. Though it is time-consuming task, but it saves money. There are several guides available at law society and on internet which help to learn and do conveyancing on your own.

Look for Free Work

Many financial lending institutions have mortgage deals which include conveyancing service along with legal fees. One can reap benefits through such deals.

Do not Get Tricked by Attractive Conveyancing Quotes

Be aware of the fraudulent and attractive quotes like ‘Conveyancing under £99’. It is a trap and you may end up paying more or losing all and receive nothing.

Always Opt for Fixed Rate

It is always advisable to choose the conveyancing service provided on fixed rate. Conveyancers charging hourly rate can make you pay more than required for their service. The entire fee should be fixed beforehand to maintain transparency without any variability arising in charges at later stage.