What is Being Searched for in Ireland Right Now?

It’s interesting to take a look at what the people from individual countries look for using Google’s search engine. Of course, these days individual searches are often long tail. This is due the fact that as people have become more used to using search engines, so they have started to be more specific about what they are actually looking for. Just this year Google confirmed that as many as 25% of searches are unique.

But searches generally fall into categories, such as sports, entertainment, local interest and world news. We took a look at the Google trends for Ireland, at the start of November 2017, to find out what the people in the country are searching for online.

The World of Sports

The Irish love of sport is certainly reflected in the latest Google trends for the country. The English Premier League features highly, with searches regarding Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester City and Manchester United trending. This is hardly surprising, given the proliferation of supporters of all of these clubs, in Ireland. Football is not the only sport to be popular amongst online searchers in Ireland; the Turkish Airlines Open was top of the trending list, at the time of our research. Given the fact that Gaelic football, rugby and UFC also all feature in the list of trending searches, and the fact that the Irish have been known to like a bet, you can see why legal sports betting in Ireland is so important.

World News

Unless you have been living in a cave towards the end of 2017, you cannot have missed the Harvey Weinstein scandal which has hit Hollywood, and the film world overall. The man is still near the top of the list when it comes to Google searches in Ireland. He is joined by Kevin Spacey who has featured in the news as the scandal has begun to widen. It seems that the big news stories trend in searches internationally.

The Latest in Entertainment

Away from the darker side of the entertainment industry, UK entertainment is high on the list of online searches by people in Ireland. It seems that they are following the fortunes of the contestants in Strictly some Dancing, as well as enjoying the exploits of Johnny Depp on the Graham Norton Show.

Irish Stories

Interestingly, Ireland based stories do not feature a lot, in the top twenty trending Google searches in the country. The only story to feature is regarding a child abduction in Dublin. It seems that people are looking globally, when it comes to searching online. Of course, television news also covers local stories in more detail, so many people get their information from that source.

We live in a world that has become much smaller due to the growth of the Internet. It’s hardly surprising that the online searches in Ireland suggest global interests. It’s also not surprising that half of the top twenty trending searches, when we checked, reflected the country’s love of sports.