What Should Know About IVC Filter Lawsuits


The IVC Filter is also known as the vena cava filter or blood clot filter. This metal spider-like device is designed to grasp onto blood clots before they reach the lungs of a person, which could end up causing a pulmonary embolism. This device is fixed inside the IVC which is the Inferior Vena Cava and is a vein which takes the low oxygen blood from the bottom of the body to the heart. IVC filters are for patients who cannot use blood thinning drugs.

Although this device is used to help patients, it also comes with its risks and complications, and when complications occur after surgeries have been performed, patients file IVC filter lawsuits against the manufacturers who released a defective and potentially dangerous product to the public.

What Are the Risks and Complications That Come with an IVC Filter?

This procedure comes with many risks and complications, some of them deadly. In recent years, there have been multiple reports of IVC filters migrating to different parts of the body where they didn’t belong. The patients required emergency surgery to relocate or remove the filters.

Other complications associated with IVC filters include the following:

  • The filter can get blood clot clogs which eventually block the blood that flows from the bottom half of the body into the heart.
  • Vital organs, such as the heart and lung, can get perforated by the filter.
  • If an IVC filter breaks inside a patient’s veins, a surgeon may not be able to remove the device.
  • Other long term complications and risks are things such as ulcers, swelling, and chronic pains.

Filing an IVC Filter Lawsuit

Patients who have suffered adverse side effects due to an IVC filter should file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of their particular filter. IVC filter lawsuits are necessary in that they demand accountability from negligent manufacturers and lower the chances of a similar incident happening again, thus potentially saving lives.

Hiring a good law firm that handles mass torts litigation is recommended to patients who have such cases. Patients can arrange for case consultations with law firm staff members who can tell them exactly what they need to do regarding their IVC filter lawsuit case. Patients need to understand their legal rights and the options that they have.

After discussing the case with a legal professional, the patient can be assigned a case manager who will be taking care of their case throughout the entire time, guiding them, helping them make the right decisions, and connecting them with doctors who can help them recover and be cared for in the long run.

While the patient is working on their recovery, a trustworthy law firm will be taking care of all the work, including communications with the people who were involved in the patient’s case such as hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, employees and others.

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