What to Do if You Have a Fall in the Street

Accidents can come from the most unexpected places, whether it’s in the car, the home or just by walking down the street. No matter how careful you are, there are always dangers, and sometimes accidents aren’t your fault. If you have a slip or fall outside and it wasn’t your fault, what can you do to get the help you need? Here are some ideas about how best to record and report an accident in the street.

Who Witnessed the Accident

When you have an accident, it’s likely that you’ll be confused. You may also be in a lot of pain or discomfort. It’s important that you try to see who else is there with you when you had the accident. If you had a friend with you, they would be able to help you piece together what happened. However, if you’re alone, you’ll need to speak to as many people who were there as possible. You should also get their details so that they can be contacted later if needed.

Check Out the Area

You might not know what it was that caused you to slip or fall, so you need to examine the area. Check for any ice or liquid that may have caused a slip, or else loose paving or holes in the street. If you cannot see anything obvious then try asking one of the witnesses what they saw. They might be able to help you realize what happened or see if something else tripped you up. As most people carry cell phones, you should also take pictures of the area. Take some pictures of the place where you slipped, and anything you think caused the accident. Also, take pictures of the general area, especially if it contributed to your fall.

Make a Report

It’s important that you make a report to the local authorities as soon as you can, and you need to be as accurate as you can when it comes to the details. If it was the fault of a local authority team, then they need to be made aware that there was an accident. It will also help you if you decide to make an accident claim. Make sure that you include all the details, any witnesses you spoke to, and the photographic evidence. You should also keep a copy for your lawyer if you’re going to make a claim.

Speak to an Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been severely hurt and need medical treatment, it can cost a lot of money. You also need to think about whether you want to make an accident claim. Firstly, you should ask your friends, ‘anyone know a good accident attorney?’ as word-of-mouth recommendations are often the most reliable, and are far easier to get if you’re in a hurry to make your claim. The attorney can go through the case with you and discuss what you want to do.

With all the information collected and a good accident attorney, you should get the compensation you need to help with your medical bills.