Which Area of Law Should You Enter after Your Degree?

Passing your law degree is no mean feat. After three to five years at university, you should be ready to go out into the world and start your basic training for a reputable law firm. Which company you work for will be determined by the area of law you wish to enter. Considering that, the post you’re reading at the moment has been published with the express intention of making your life that little bit easier. Below this paragraph, you will find a number of different areas listed. Take some time to read through them all before deciding which seems most appealing to you. Remember, it will take a long time to retrain if you get it wrong.

Military Law

Military law solicitors look after the interests of armed forces personnel who are under suspicion of a crime. By their very nature, the army and other military organisations put people in situations where one wrong move could see them in prison for the rest of their natural lives. Perhaps the defendant went AWOL while serving aboard, or maybe they were a little too trigger happy. Either way, there people need representation. If you choose to get involved with military law, your days will be varied and interesting.


Human Rights Law

Presuming you’re a compassionate person who likes to look after others, becoming involved with human rights law could be perfect. Not only will you get to help people in the worst situations, but you’ll also do your part to improve our world. While people in the UK and other western countries exist under reasonable human rights legislation, the same cannot be said for those living abroad. Indeed, some African and Middle Eastern countries have terrible human rights records.

Corporate Law

Some people find corporate law to be incredibly tedious and boring. However, if you want to earn the most money possible, this is an area you should consider. Multinational companies are constantly in court due to one lawsuit, or another. That is why they employ huge teams of specialist solicitors and lawyers to fight their corner. Most well-paid corporate law jobs are found in London, so ensure you’re ready to relocate before selecting this path.

Criminal Law

There are many reasons someone might like to get involved with criminal law, but the most prominent is to ensure justice is served. Even if someone has committed a crime, they are entitled to fair and impartial treatment during the judicial process. By become criminal lawyers, you could help to guarantee the law is followed at all stages. Police officers are known to bend the rules when interviewing suspects, and judges are known to hand out disproportionate sentences. As a criminal lawyer, you could help to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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Having read through that information about some of the best areas of law you might consider entering, we hope you’re finally beginning to work out what you want to do. Thanks for reading through this post, we hope it has helped in some small way.

See you back here soon!