Why to Choose Criminology Career – 10 Interesting Things to Know

Choosing a job in this modern day of age can be extremely difficult. You want to choose an interesting career, something that fulfils you, but also secures your future as far as the payment goes. If you are interested to help in improving your society and making your streets much safer, a Criminology Career is a good choice for you. Here are some interesting things about criminology and what job opportunities it has to offer.


Difference between Criminal Justice and Criminology

Criminal Justice is the filed with provides care for making sure that the perpetrator is accused of the actual crime. On the other hand, Criminology actually focuses on the form of the crime, the actual cause of the crime and the way it was conducted.

Helping your Community

The first thing that pops to mind when you think about a career in criminology is that you bring justice in some way. Whether you are a policeman writing up a ticket, an investigator with a tough crime or a judge passing down a sentence, it is up to you to make a change in your community.

An Interesting Job

A certain characteristic of a Criminology Career is that you will definitely have a lot of responsibilities. We’ve all seen some of the television criminalistics shows, and although they are often exaggerated, the criminology process is not that far from the truth.

Possible Career Paths

The one thing where the criminology department stands out is that it has a vast number of job opportunities to offer. If you decide for one of these careers with a criminology degree your future job could be:

  • In corrections and correctional facilities
  • In court and judicial system
  • In criminal investigation
  • In financial fraud
  • In law enforcement
  • In medical investigation, and many more

A Popular Career

Famous TV shows certainly brought popularity to the criminology careers. Therefore a visible growth of interest from this job choice is certain. Forensics department has detected a major increase in the number of applicants. The US Federal Government also reports that even the Financial Accounting is on the list of the 10 Hottest Jobs for the future.

Examining the Evidence

No matter what type of a career in Criminology you choose, there are the two far extremes. You can either be the one who knows everything about chemical reactions, anatomic details and other medical tricks, so you get to be a part of the Forensics Department, testing the evidence.

Human Interaction

On the other hand, you can be the one who profiles people. Interrogation is an entire science on its own. It is based in psychology, but sometimes a pure hunch can do the trick.

A Part of a Bigger Picture

Your results and findings are certainly going to be of use for the judicial system. And sometimes different investigative agencies can cooperate for the final result.


A bachelor’s degree can secure a quite solid salary on a year’s balance. Of course criminology is a field where you can certainly progress, along with your pay check.

Extensive Knowledge

This area is so vast and intricate that during your studies you will learn the basics, and additional training can be a good decision. In any case, you will never be bored with a career in Criminology.