Why You Need Social Security Disability Insurance?

Social security disability insurance or SSDI as it is referred to helps workers under covered employment with medical conditions that are eligible for the benefits given by Social Security, when they are not able to work. Generally, cash benefits are given for the affected persons on a monthly basis, and the period of benefit can extend for a whole year or even more depending on the extent of disability.


Applying For the Benefit

In order to get the benefit, a period of 2 to 3 months is needed for the application to be processed and after it is approved, the check can be collected only after a 6 month period. To be eligible for the insurance benefits

  • You should have been employed in jobs that are covered by the Social Security.
  • There should be an existing medical condition that satisfies the disability clauses of the social security.

Taking the Policy

The insurance should be considered while you are in a healthy state itself. You need to first verify with your current employer on the type of coverage provided and the possibility for taking a supplemental insurance. You need to assess whether the coverage and the ensuing benefits are sufficient to lead a comfortable lifestyle. If this is not so, you need to think of buying the personal disability insurance. To know more specific details on the social security liability insurance, you need to approach the state labor department or your employer to distinguish the particular circumstances involved that are applicable for your case. Approaching RuthKolb Law Office for clarification on the eligibility and other relevant details will also help.

Being Clear about Disability

To ensure that you are properly insured under SSDI, you need to first understand what the term disability covers. The term refers generally to an impaired condition which can be

  • Physical, as in paralysis
  • Sensory , for instance blindness
  • Intellectual like in case of mental retardation
  • Cognitive, which can refer to conditions like dementia and
  • Mental health like in bipolar disorder

A person is considered disabled if he is afflicted by a condition that impairs his ability to be able to do the normal functions which are needed to maintain the basic wellbeing without assistance. Disability is referred to in two main social security programs which include the SSDI and the Supplemental Security Income of which Medicare and also Medicaid are vital components. For more information, you can approach Ruth Kolb who specializes in SSDI.

Types of Disability Insurance

The disability insurance is broadly divided into short term, long term disability and social security disability or the workers compensation and disability insurance.

Knowing about SSDI

There are many insurance policies that we take during our lifetime as cover for the dangers we may face in life in the form of accidents, fires, and even death. Many people are unaware that they have taken cover under the disability insurance too. From every individual’s paycheck a certain sum of money is deducted as part of social security of which a percentage goes to the social security disability insurance. The insurance is provided for people who have worked for a long period and also till recently.

Being Eligible for SSDI

To get the benefits completely, a person needs to meet two separate earning tests. One involves recent work test that takes into account the age at which the person was disabled. The other test shows the work duration where the length of the time the person worked under social security cover is determined.

When you satisfy the requirements needed for the SSDI, which can be confirmed if you approach a capable and experienced firm like Ruth Kolb Law Office, you can be assured of getting the insurance cover that is due to you.