You Should Contact a Lawyer When…

People hire lawyers every day. It’s an unjust and cruel world we live in, and the only way in which we are able to empower ourselves and stand up for our rights, is when we hire a lawyer and fight in a courtroom. Lawyers provide us with expert knowledge on our rights and help ensure that things in the court room are handled legally and justly. Having the right lawyer for your situation is half the battle, but luckily there are firms out there just waiting to handle your case and help fight for justice on your behalf. Statman, Harris, & Erich is one such firm. You should contact Statman, Harris and Erich if you have any of the following types of cases.



You should contact a bankruptcy lawyer if finances have recently snuck up on you and you fill like filing bankruptcy is your only way out. There are numerous types of bankruptcy, each aimed at addressing different situations. You should contact a bankruptcy lawyer before filing bankruptcy so they can determine the correct type of bankruptcy applicable to your case. You should also realize that each different type of bankruptcy has different effects on your future. An attorney can tell you the consequences associated with each form of bankruptcy. They can help protect you by explaining any terms and advise you on how best to proceed with your case. Laws surrounding filing bankruptcy are complicated and confusing, and the process of actually filing contains a large amount of paper work that (let’s be honest) you are likely to stop reading the moment you realize you cannot understand anything it says. An attorney can easily read over the paperwork with you and explain the consequences of everything before you sign. Lawyers are there to stand up for your rights and ensure that you have proper guidance during the process. When working with the right lawyer, bankruptcy can provide a chance to start anew and leave the mistakes of your past where they belong, in your past.


One of the worse things in the world is when you owe money and the debt collection agency calls. A collections lower can help you if you are in debt and the collection agency is harassing, threatening or abusing you. Typical signs that it is time to lawyer up are when creditors call your home or workplace at unusual times or every day, even though you have been paying them. You cannot pay back your loans at the moment, have talked to the collection agencies, worked out a deal with them, but now they are still calling and making you feel guilty for being unable to pay. If a creditor threatens you with a lawsuit, you should immediately contact a lawyer. Finally, if you feel that you have received any unfair treatment from a collection agency, you should immediately call your lawyer.

Family Law

Family Law encompasses a wide range of topics, and there could be a number of reasons you might need such a lawyer. With the constantly growing and evolving definition of the word family, reasons that you would utilize this type of lawyer grows every day. Whether you are going through a divorce or separation and need someone to guide you on the specifics, or are looking to adopt a baby, a lawyer can help. With the constantly changing of family dynamics in the country, GLBT persons is a rapidly growing area within family law. If you identify with the GLBT group, then you should contact a lawyer if you run across issues concerning any type of injustice you have felt has been done in order to roadblock you and/or your family’s growth and survival. Other areas of Family law include determine who pays how much child support and when it should be paid. Who has residential and custodial custody of the children?If you have children from a previous marriage and are getting remarried, you may need a family lawyer to help you draw up a prenup in order to preserve your assets for designated heirs. If you are in the process of any type of separation or divorce, you should consult with a lawyer before making any decisions. Sometimes, you just want it to be done and over with. The emotions can get in the way of what is right and fair, and your lawyer can be your voice and fight for a fair and just settlement and ensure that your emotions do not stand in the way of you getting what you should during the settlement process.

There are numerous reasons you may need a lawyer. Sadly, people break the law and trample on people’s rights every day. Luckily, the law is there to provide guidance and structure in order to ensure that everyone is provided with a fair and just deal. If someone decides to break the law and take advantage, the lawyers provide us with the empowering voice we need to fight for our rights. Statman, Harris, & Eyrich also conduct cases concerning Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Credit Union Law, Business Planning, Class Action Lawsuits, Foreclosure, Labor Law, Marital Malpractice, Personal Injury, Probate, Real Estate, Wills & Trusts, and Workouts. You should contact them immediately if you are having legal troubles related to any of the previously mentioned forms of law and allow them to be your voice and help you protect your rights.